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  • Name: Stefan Constantinescu
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One-Line Bio

I'm a Nokia enthusiast who wants to evangelize my way into the company.


I’m currently a student at the University of North Texas finishing my undergraduate degree. Once I'm done with that I want to pursue an MBA and eventually work for Nokia.

Having lived in quite a few parts of America, and in a house hold deeply rooted in Romanian culture, people often claim that my view of the world is vastly different than the norm. Whether that is a positive or negative thing is beyond me, but people seem to enjoy my company, and I likewise enjoy socializing.

I enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer and can easily spend a day just hiking thru the woods and absorbing nature. One of these days I have to check out Finland in the spring.

Update (a lot of information) 2007.01.30: This post has a lot of information about me as well